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You want some CANDY little girl???

How about some of this CANDY???


i won!

I never participated in blog giveaways. I just did this one time and guess what... I won! I won a custom hair bow holder from Martha. She has some great ideas and really cute creations, so go check her out at So Lovely Creations. I get to choose the colors I want it too, I'm thinking pink, orange, and yellow or maybe green and white. Now I'll have a cute place to hang all of Mia's hairbows. I'm so excited, thank you Martha!


Last weekend I made a trip up to Austin. Just myself and babies. Yes, Jackson is still very much a baby. It's only a 3 1/2 hour trip, so I wasn't worried about being by myself with the babies, but once I got on the road, I prayed that I wouldn't have to stop to potty!

My Aunt Sonya lives in Austin with her husband Brad and her three children, Ella (8), Livia (5), and Matthew (2). They're adorable. They kids were happy to see Jackson and Mia, and they all played very well together.

The weather was yucky... cold and wet, so we pretty much stayed in the house all weekend. We did get out to rent some movies, and we made a trip to Whole Foods before returning home. I was looking for Robeez for Mia, didn't find any that I really liked, but I did get this Meyer's hand soap . It's the Basil scent and I'm not kidding you, this stuff smells sooooo yummy! I want everything Basil scented!

Okay, now I'm peeved because my computer isn't letting me upload any pictures for you! Maybe later...


my babies... yes again...

Yesterday Mia was 6 weeks old and 10.8 lbs! Today Jackson is 20 months old! Oh my goodness, what am I doing with two babies under two? I love them.


last saturday...

This weekend Jacob's family and a few friends came down to meet Miss Mia. They got to pass Mia around and "ooh" and aah at her, although she slept the entire time. We all had a good time and ate some yummy bbq chicken my dad cooked up for us. And Mia got lots of cute things. The girl has more clothes than any of us! And I am loving all of the pink!

My good friend Wendy made Mia this flower arrangement out of onesies! And inside there's more goodies too. How cute is that?
Wendy and I with our beautiful girls (they're 1 day apart):



(you can see where a little boy tried to get his hands on one)