new again

I've seen lots of blogs with tutorials on this, but I never imagined it would be this easy.

I've brought back the little shirts that Mia has grown out of by simply attatching some length of fabric to the bottom of her old shirts. I also attatched some sleeves since it should be cooling off soon... hopefully. I'm so excited with the possibilities!

I also attatched a little patch of fabric behind the buttons.

This one is my favorite...


repurposing old maternity shirt

I used one of Mia's shirts as a template. It's a 18-24 month shirt, so Mia can't model it yet. It's not exactly what I pictured in my head, but I still have the other half of the shirt to make a better one.
Now that we've moved into our new house, I just don't have the time to do things anymore, much less blog about it. =(