gO grEEn.

We painted two of our living room walls green and I lOve it. I've started noticing how much green things I have... green purse-green stroller-green shirts-green towels-green sheets... Mia's pretty green baby peacoat. What can I say? It's my color.

Behr paing- Asparagus #410D-4

(I just love the faces my model is making.)
Now we get to decide what color to paint the rest of the walls and the kitchen... any suggestions?



It's been too long! I should really stay on top of my blog, rather than facebooking.

Anyways, Halloween was spent with family and friends.... had some chilli and corn bread... carmel and apples... brownies... purple punch... good stuff.

Jackson was a bear (sugar bear),

Mia was a peacock,

Maddy was a rockstar,

and Fisher was the cutest little deputy ever!

I love how Jackson actually got the whole Halloween thing this year. He was amazed by the fact that he could knock on people's doors and they would hand him candy. It was so funny watching him run from house to house saying, "get more, get more". Poor thing was up late that night with a tummy ache.

I also really enjoyed decorating the house. I love how my newspaper bunting (inspired by Maya*Made) turned out. Then I made some bats from cardboard, so easy.

Now I can't wait to get started on Christmas decorations. I love being a homeowner.