paper beads

I used to make these all the time, but I forgot all about them until Lizzie mentioned her Sassafrass necklace that she's working on. So I got that itch back and this is what I've been doing durring naptime! Here's how you do it...

  • toothpick
  • glue
  • pretty paper (cut into long, skinny triangles)

1. spread glue along the top half of the triangle and wrap around the toothpick. you could also use a pen or straw, depending on how big you want the opening of the bead.2. keep wrapping the paper until it looks like this. 3. slide the bead off of the toothpick. this is why you only put glue on the top part of the triangle, if you don't it will stick.

Here's my jar of beads. I just need to string them to make a pretty bracelet or necklace if I have enough. Have I mentioned how much I love my new camera!


she's here!

My Nikon D40 came in Thursday. I've been playing around with it and taking lots of pictures. I don't quite know exactly how to use it yet, but the pictures are coming out great so far. I'm a happy girl!


the beach


Mia's pearls

Mia got her ears pierced yesterday! She cried of course, well it was more like a scream, but then it was over and she was fine. Here are a couple of pictures, she wasn't happy this morning, but this is pretty much what she looked like when we she had her ears pierced.


Happy Earth Day!

I just wanted to post a quick Happy Earth Day to you all! I love Earth day and I wish I could do lots of recycling, re-inventing, and remaking projects, but I'm off to enjoy the beautiful day with the family!

BTW, we pierced Mia's ears today and they are prittty! (i misspelled that on purpose- it's just better that way)

More later =)


mermaid and pirates

the mermaid card I made with Lizzie's stamp:

oh-so-cute iron on's: (Mia's says "arrgh, kiss me booty")

("wipe me booty")

the houston zoo

We spent the day at the Houston Zoo yesterday. (Well, first we stopped at Fung's to have a bit of dim sum.) The weather was nice, it was a bit over cast and we thought it might rain, but it was nice and cool and I didn't miss the hot sun. Jackson loved looking at all of the animals and running around the children's zoo. And he tried to steal a ladie's bag of cotton candy. He ran up behind her and snatched it out of her hand! The boy loves candy! Lots of pictures: