wordless wednesday

what i've been up to:

In between changing all those dirty diapers, nursing a fatty, chasing after the monkey, and all that good stuff... when (as Ivy would say) I should be sleeping, this is what I do...

Okay, you know how when you have your first baby and you go all out and money doesn't matter? I spent too much money on Jackson's PB bedding. And I just had to have the $45 mobile that was just perfect with it.

Well, when you're buying diapers for two, you spend your money a little more wisely. So this time I made Mia's mobile. It was really easy and cost pennies to make. Well, not really, but it was cheap as dirt!

I've also gotten back into carving stamps.

And of course I have to show off my babies. This is Fisher... he's my baby too.

Grandpa's boots...

and my chubbers...


happy One month Mia

I can't believe it's already been a whole month. Time really does fly! She is already growing too fast for me. I haven't weighed her in two weeks, but she's definitely heavier. I'm happy she has all that hair to hold pretty bows.

So today we had a little family get together to celebrate Mia's first month. It's sort of a chinese tradition, plus everyone wanted to meet her. It was really nice to visit with everyone. My dad cooked some really awesome food and I made the cupcakes.

I used a box mix, but I made my own frosting. I usually have a hard time with frostings and icings, but this recipe was super easy and really yummy.

  • 4 tbsp. unsalted butter (room temperature)
  • 2 cups confectioner's sugar
  • 2 tbsp. milk
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
Beat together until light and fluffy.

It was Jackson's first time to lick the beaters, but he handled it like a pro! You should have seen him go after those cupcakes.


Happy Valentines Day

I woke up to beautiful roses, a box of Dove chocolates, and... get this... a CARD! This is the very
first card ever given to me by Jacob! And inside the card there was $25, I was like... "alright Meemaw", but inside (written in purple crayon) he said for me to use it to get a pedicure. How sweet is that! I was very surprised because we usually don't exchange Vday gifts and stuff.

And of course, daddy didn't forget his baby boy. He brought him a gigantic helium heart balloon (it put the little balloons mommy got him to shame). Of course, Jackson thinks it's the best thing ever. He's such a good daddy. I wish I could have seen him driving in his truck with that thing!!

Jacob had to work all day (although he did end up getting off early-yay), so we went to Fung's Kitchen for Dim Sum with Grandpa and Uncle George.
Let me tell you, DIM SUM = LOVE. And what did I have for dinner? Big flat yummy rice NOODLES... again... NOODLES = LOVE!

And here's my sweet baby girl all cuddled up in her favorite boppy, wearing her little Vday outfit Lisa gave her. Now, she really is the sweetest gift of all!


valentine pops

  1. cut out four hearts
  2. glue together to form a flower
  3. punch a hole in the middle
  4. insert lollipop
  5. tie a ribbon to secure
  6. give to someone you love =)

wordless wednesday


who wears short shorts!

My wonderful friend Lizzie brought by a huge box of the cutest little clothes for Mia... including lots (I mean LOTS) of little Gymboree outfits. As I was showing Jacob all of the cute clothes, Jackson started going through the box with me. He found a pair of pink polka dot shorts that he just HAD to try on.

So here he is... keep in mind, these are size 3-6 months.

sling shot =)

Here's the sling I made for Janelle. Little miss Mia is snug as a bug in it, and I'm sure baby Juilian will be too!