It's Finished!

I finally finished Jackson's 1st year scrapbook! It only took me 18 months =) I made it my goal to have it finished before the new baby gets here and I made it by 3 weeks. Ha! I have tons of pages, here are some of my favorites....

Do you think maybe I need a bigger scrapbook?


Save The Trees!

This year, instead of buying the pretty and expensive wrapping paper that I usually do, I decided to be more eco friendly and make my own. I took old newspaper and painted it with an acrylic wash. Then I decorated it using rubber stamps. Yay for being green!


Busy Weekend

Stephanie Graduated from UHCL Friday night. Congratulations Moy Moy! We're all very proud of her. The ceremony was nice and Jackson and Fisher did quite well... suprisingly. We had a party for her Saturday, but I wasn't able to make it. I did make her a chocolate cake though.

Saturday we went to Lake Livingston to have our Christmas party with Jacob's family. We all had a good time eating, opening presents and playing Christmas bingo! (Memaw and I won a few times =) We stayed the night and made our way home this morning. Of course, Jackson had lots of fun running around and getting into everything. He got some really cute things too.

Oh, and that Friday afternoon we received a few packages from Mimi and Papa. Jackson got a really cool scooter called a Wiggle Scooter. (he actually really enjoyed unwrapping it too) That thing is so much fun. Jackson and I go around and around the house on it. It's for ages 1-91, so everyone's had a turn on it. Jacob and I got some really nice things too. Thanks Mimi and Papa!

Today I took Tia and Julie to finish up some Christmas shopping. I think I'm finally finished too. I'm pooped! But I still have some running around to do tomorrow. But after that, that's it!

And now I'll leave you with this picture of a yummy sandwich I ate the other day =)


my tote bag

Oh yeah, I made a new tote bag the other day. I found this fall print at a really great price at Hob Lob, so I stocked up. I still have lots left, what should I make next? I was thinking maybe a make up bag or something. We'll see.... Oh, and it's reversible too =) I'm thinking I'll be using it to pack my stuff for the hospital stay. Only 5 weeks left now.

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today is Jacob's 28th birthday. He celebrated by going to the football game with Osiel. I'm sure he had a great time, even though his team lost. He did get some autographs and he got to take a picture with one of the players.... I have no idea who any of them are though.

Jacob came home with a Texan's outfit for Jackson. Only it's about 5sizes too big for him. But that's okay, at the rate he's growing, he'll be in it in no time! His daddy loves him.
We cooked a nice dinner at home... well, dad did. We had seared scallops and pasta with a light cream sauce with clams. Very yummy!

I did make him a cake, and not from a box either! I did it the good old fashioned way... eggs, butter, flour, and sugar. It's a lemon cake with lemon curd filling topped with cool whip and berries. Jackson sure did love it!

Happy Birthday Jacob! I'm looking forward to many more to come!