no excuses.

My list of excuses for not blogging:

  1. kids.

  2. facebook.

  3. chores.

  4. tv: my new found love.

5. laziness.

Hopefully this post will get me back into the blogging mood and I'll start posting more. I have some home improvement projects I'm hoping to accomplish this summer, so maybe I'll get around to posting about those too.

So, what's new here? Well, my babies are getting bigger, smarter, and more demanding. Jackson will be three soon and Mia had her first birthday in January. That Mia is a sassy one! I have no idea where she could have picked up that sort of attitude. I like to blame it on her teething.

Right now I'm working on a birthday wreath for my soon-to-be Birthday boy. He's all about birthdays now and the poor boy has been waiting patiently for months now for his turn. One more month Jackson!

I'll post more on the wreath once I finish it. It's fun and super easy to make!