It's begining to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Boy am I loving this cold weather! I mean, it's COLD! Now it feels more like December. (I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt yesterday) It gets me all in the Chrismas mood. I'm even going to bake some Cranberry Coffe Cake Muffins later!
We went and picked out a tree last week and we decorated it with lights. Jacob tried the ornaments, but Jackson went behind him picking them all off. So we just left it at lights. It still turned out very pretty.

Although I still had a hard time keeping the lights out of Jackson's mouth. He tried to bite throught the smaller bulbs... crazy kid! But I put him in time out for a while, which he did not like at all, and he hasn't done it since.

I also made a few Christmas cards and gift tags.

And I thought I'd share some cute pictures of Jackson and his favorite doll. Haha! It plays the Monday Night Football song and he just loves to dance with it!
He's such a cutie pie!

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ivwhy said...

it's so funny his pants are matching like the NFL guy! cutie!