Happy Valentines Day

I woke up to beautiful roses, a box of Dove chocolates, and... get this... a CARD! This is the very
first card ever given to me by Jacob! And inside the card there was $25, I was like... "alright Meemaw", but inside (written in purple crayon) he said for me to use it to get a pedicure. How sweet is that! I was very surprised because we usually don't exchange Vday gifts and stuff.

And of course, daddy didn't forget his baby boy. He brought him a gigantic helium heart balloon (it put the little balloons mommy got him to shame). Of course, Jackson thinks it's the best thing ever. He's such a good daddy. I wish I could have seen him driving in his truck with that thing!!

Jacob had to work all day (although he did end up getting off early-yay), so we went to Fung's Kitchen for Dim Sum with Grandpa and Uncle George.
Let me tell you, DIM SUM = LOVE. And what did I have for dinner? Big flat yummy rice NOODLES... again... NOODLES = LOVE!

And here's my sweet baby girl all cuddled up in her favorite boppy, wearing her little Vday outfit Lisa gave her. Now, she really is the sweetest gift of all!


ivwhy said...

those are my fave noodles too---chow fun!! yummmmmmmmm.... me & you gots to get together to eat! one day!
what sweet gifts!

Wendy said...

thats so funny about the money in the card. but sweet.

im about to post skys vday picture in her outfit. haha. im not copying you i really was going to do it. btw mia looks so cute.