paper beads

I used to make these all the time, but I forgot all about them until Lizzie mentioned her Sassafrass necklace that she's working on. So I got that itch back and this is what I've been doing durring naptime! Here's how you do it...

  • toothpick
  • glue
  • pretty paper (cut into long, skinny triangles)

1. spread glue along the top half of the triangle and wrap around the toothpick. you could also use a pen or straw, depending on how big you want the opening of the bead.2. keep wrapping the paper until it looks like this. 3. slide the bead off of the toothpick. this is why you only put glue on the top part of the triangle, if you don't it will stick.

Here's my jar of beads. I just need to string them to make a pretty bracelet or necklace if I have enough. Have I mentioned how much I love my new camera!


lizzie said...

oh yea... we'll have to make some beads tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

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