the houston zoo

We spent the day at the Houston Zoo yesterday. (Well, first we stopped at Fung's to have a bit of dim sum.) The weather was nice, it was a bit over cast and we thought it might rain, but it was nice and cool and I didn't miss the hot sun. Jackson loved looking at all of the animals and running around the children's zoo. And he tried to steal a ladie's bag of cotton candy. He ran up behind her and snatched it out of her hand! The boy loves candy! Lots of pictures:


lizzie said...

okay... so that picture of your hubs and jackson where they look EXACTLY alike is HILARIOUS! omg i love it!!
i want to go to the zoo... i love the zoo
and btw... gotta love houston... taking a photo of an animal and there is a HUGE building in the background haha

Wendy said...

i agree that pic of jacob and jackson scrunching their noses is so cute and hilarious!

looks like yall had fun.