Today we went to the cemetery for Qingming. It's a Chinese tradition that we go to the cemetery every year to tend to our loved one's graves and celebrate their lives. We go all out and have a little picnic and spend time with our family remembering our loved ones. Yup, right smack dab in the middle of the cemetery! I bet people think we're nuts!

And yes, that's a pig's head!


lizzie said...

that is such a nice tradition... and all i cant hink of is the amazing scrappy pages you can make with it!!! hahahahaa
i think i'll try to be around by like 2... i've been cleaning the morning and i'm still in my jammies!

Wendy said...

haha that is pretty funny! but also a very cool tradition. the pig's head is my favorite picture. =)

Adriana said...

wow, that's such a great tradition! I've never heard of it before! ;)