I got the blanket!

Today we celebrated my grandfather's birthday. We went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant and ate lots of noodles. The whole family was there and everyone had a great time. I was bummed that I forgot my memory card in the computer so I couldn't take any pictures.

After lunch, we stopped by the cemetery to visit Pau Pau. Everyone misses her dearly.
Then I headed to Galveston to hang out with the family a little more. Jacob insisted that he and Jackson were going to stay home and watch the football game, so I didn't argue. I spent the next few hours baby free and relaxed =)

On the way home, I stopped by Target... go figure. I finally bought that green and white baby blanket I've been eyeing for the past few months. It's so pretty and soft, I'm so happy I finally got it. Yes, it's something that simple that makes me happy.


ivwhy said...

simple things make me happy too. glad you got that blanket you wanted...it's a gender neutral color.
yum--noodles!! my favorite!

staceykt22 said...

yes, i love it! almost as much as i love noodles!!