Welcome =)

Okay, so I finally decided to start a blog to share my experiences, thoughts and creations with you all. I look forward to posting... hopefully I can keep up with this =)

Jacob and I have a rambunctious little boy, Jackson (Jack-Jack) and another little surprise on the way. Only 7 more weeks and he/she will be here. My, this pregnancy has gone by so fast. Probably because I spend most of my day chasing my little monkey around.

We're looking forward to house hunting soon. I'm excited to have a home, but kind of sad to leave my parents. They've helped us so much and I know they're going to miss Jackson. And Jackson will miss them too. (and Moy Moy) But hopefully we can find something great nearby so we'll be able to visit daily.

I usually spend my days hanging out with Jackson, running random errands, and sometimes if I can find time during Jackson's nap, a craft or two. I really enjoy crafts of all kinds, but my favorite things to do are scrapbook, make cards, and carve stamps.

I also have a love for good food. Lately I've been into baking yummy cookies, but I really love to cook good ole' Chinese food... like the stuff my grandma used to make. Yet, I don't cook very often... mom and dad are great at that!

Well, I'm looking forward to start posting... hope you like =)

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Adriana said...

I'm glad you have a blog now! I really love reading blogs! How great is this!!