I've been a lazy...

...blogger. I just haven't been in the blogging mood lately. But I though I'd update a bit tonight.
So, what's new? Well, Jackson has starting using the potty. He doesn't tell me when he needs to go, but if I ask him if he needs to go potty, he'll go. That's a start, right? He's not even two yet. He will be two next Sunday though. He's so smart, I can't believe he's just turning two! We're not doing a "party" this year, just the family. That's a party in itself right there. We did a little painting today. I shouldn't have introduced him to the paints yet, I just wasn't thinking. Now whenever he see's my mom painting, he's going to want to join her. I didn't have any kiddie paints, so he had to use my acrylic's. What an artist!
Here he is showing us his muscles:
Oh, and my new favorite thing... Jackson tells me he wants "junk" to eat. He follows me crying, "I want junk, please mom?" That's another thing, he's started calling me mom instead of mama. Probably just a phase... cute for now, but I'm not sure if I want it to stick right now.
Now, Mia is growing so big! I'm not sure how much she weighs now, but she definitely gets bigger everyday. I've introduced her to rice ceral. I felt bad for her, the poor girl would stare me down every time I ate in front of her. She, of course, loved it! So she gets a little rice cereal once about every other day for now. Jackson loved helping feed her too.

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Wendy said...

aww jackson is so cute! i love the picture of him painting.