"crappy" day

Last night we went grocery shopping. I got everything we needed, unloaded and the guy checked it all. And guess what I left at home... my check card! No cash, no card, no check, nothing! So I had to unbag all of my groceries (that's what I get for being eco friendly and using my own bags) and leave everything there. Poor guy, I bet he was mad. I said sorry.

So this morning we went grocery shopping again. This time I made sure I had money before I left the house. On the way we stopped by Panera and had lunch. Can I just say I love Panera! So we go get our groceries and make our way home. On the way home, Jackson has his juice box from Panera (his daddy gave it to him) and he's playing with the straw and squeezing the box... just like I tell him not to. And he gets the juice everywhere. He starts screaming because he's all wet and sticky and gross, and he wants to take his clothes off. So we get home and I strip him down and put him in the tub. While he's playing I decide to clip my toe nails. Isn't it amazing? 35 weeks and I can still reach my feet. So I look up and he's climbing out of the tub. I look in the tub and I know why... he pooped in the tub! Now, this isn't the first time this has happened, but for some reason this time he's scared of the poop. I try to put him back in so I can clean him up and he won't go back in because of the poop. Boys are so gross!
So I take him out, clean him up, get him dressed, and clean the tub. That was pretty disgusting, but whatever, it's just poop. About an hour later, what do I smell? Jackson's dirty diaper. It's Jacob's turn for the poopy diaper, so he's changing Jack and he starts yelling for me to help him. Turns out Jackson was trying to help and got a handful. It ended up all over my bed and on his hair and his ear. UGH! So back in the tub he goes. I cleaned him all up and he's super squeaky clean now. I hope he's done pooping for the day because I'm done cleaning it up!

Okay, enough about poop. Here's a scarf I made for PCJ on Cafe Mom....

I think it's finally hitting me that I'm going to have another little baby here in a couple of weeks. I went ahead and washed all of the little green, yellow, and white clothes and blankets today. And we have the bassinet set up and ready. Jackson tries to climb in it every once in a while, but he's been pretty good. Except for the time he decided to do a little art work on it. Luckily Crayola comes out with a wipe.
Isn't it pretty?
Thursday I go for a check up and we'll set a date for the big day. I'm hoping for the 20th. I'm really starting to get uncomfortable here. But I can't wait to meet our new baby!


lizzie said...

awwww dude... wait... the only panera that i know of is up in baybrook... is ther eone closer that i'm not awear of b/c i LOVE THAT DAMN PLACE!!!!

staceykt22 said...

that's the one! i don't mind making the drive for a good meal!

ivwhy said...

ugh, sorry you had a bad day. i cannot say my 2 boys have pooped in the tub---thank god! and you are a trooper cleaning it all up & handling it at 35 weeks!
panera........YUM. we go there on the weekends and have soup & their bread w/ tons of butta!
a tip for those darn little boys who love to squeeze juice boxes & capris: put them inside a bigger plastic cup like a solo cup or one wide enough so that they hold it w/out squeezing it.

Wendy said...

i had a really bad day the other day too. no poo but my pregnancy hormones were going crazy. i almost got into a fight with the gas lady at walmart. so i am offically boycotting them. then i went to heb for wic and got the wrong milk i got the heb brand and it was supposed to be hill country i almost started crying haha. so yeah no poo but i can definately sympathize.