meet Mia...

Mia June Arundale
8 lbs. 19 in.

She's absolutely perfect! I'm so lucky to have two beautiful, healthy babies. More pictures to come... =)


lizzie said...

omg dude i have tears in my eyes... i'm so freaking happy for you!!!!!!!!
she is gorgeous!!!

lizzie said...

omg dude... i just thought of something
i have like A BUTT LOAD of stuff of lily's... some things she never wore... and you know me and gymboree... let me know if you'd be interested in some of it.
do you have a bouncer? i have the cutest pink bouncer ever if you want it too.
yea... lots of pink!
oh and white gap mary janes!!! yea i'm a nerd... ima go thru all my crap and take pics of it or just let you rummage thru it!! lol

ivwhy said...

oh, how sweet! i've been thinking of you too! can't wait to see more pics!

Wendy said...

i cant wait to see her. shes beautiful! im so glad you got your girl! more pictures!