new haircut

I decided to go ahead and cut my hair before the baby gets here. I figure I won't have much free time afterwards. It was so long and in my way. It would even get stuck under my armpits. Gross. They cut off about 6 or 7 inches, but it still wasn't long enough to donate. Oh well, maybe next time. So here I am with the "mom" hair. I do feel so much better now, and Jackson didn't even notice it gone. (he has this weird thing for my hair... silly boy)


lizzie said...

dude... you are like the cutest thing ever! i love your hair!!

ivwhy said...

wow! getting closer! i am excited to find out if you guys are having another boy or a girl!!
how do you feel? u still look amazing!!

Celina M said...

i cant believe 3 more days and the new baby will be here!