Absolutely Beautiful Day!

Jackson and I left Mia with Grandma so we could have some fun at the park! The weather was absolutely beautiful . We better enjoy it, soon it will be nothing but hot sweaty days!

... And some beach/pool pictures from last week...

{my bikini babe}


Wendy said...

cute park pictures! i love mias swimsuit! whered you get it? she looks so cute! i was having trouble finding small size swimsuits, skys is 6-9 months.

ps thanks about the purses i dont really have time to sew during the week im so tired from working but im loving my weekends.

we should get together soon. im off friday if you wanna do lunch. oh i have a new number too ill try to send it to you when i put all my contacts in my new phone, its a blackberry, again like i have money =]

ivy said...

fun pics!

Lillie said...

Your little Mia is just aDORable.