the dress

So the shop is going well. I've had 5 orders this week! I still have things I need to post, but I've been slacking. Maybe I'll get that done durring naptime today.
I made my first dress recently, I love the way it turned out. I'll be putting some up in my shop soon.
But other than that, not much new. Jackson found a box of fruit snacks in a target bag laying around, so that's what he's having for breakfast this morning (while he's dancing along with the Imagination Movers). And Miss Mia is in her bassinet (which she's getting too big for) talking to her birdie mobile. She's growing so fast. She's begining to grasp her toys and she loves her baby gym.
I can't believe Jackson is going to be two in less than two months! I don't think we're doing a big party this time around. Maybe just a family and a few friends. He's really been into trains lately, so I thought I'd make him a train cake. He really likes the one on display at HEB, but I'd rather make it myself. We'll see how that goes!
Well, I'm off to buy some tutu supplies....

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Wendy said...

that dress looks so cute. i was thinking about sewing sky a dress, but i dont know if i have the time. i need to make some time. im glad youre business is doing well. =)