where could it be?

i haven't been feeling crafty lately. i haven't done a project in weeks. well, i made a bag for a little girl yesterday, but that was because I had to, not because i wanted to! i haven't even been crafting with the girls on craft tuesdays! what's wrong with me.... this isn't normal. if you find my mojo before i do, send it over.


Meagan said...

I think being a mommy to two babies under 2 is catching up to you! The fact that you ever find time is astonishing!

lizzie said...

i think you need to try something different... i'm going to be painting this tuesday... maybe you should do something fun too?
or maybe you need me to knock you a few times in your head to kick start that mojo lol

ivy said...

everybody goes through that now & then.....don't let it get you down. just step back for a day or 2 and go back at it!