baby feet!

Mia has found her feet! It's so cute watching her reach for them, pretty soon she'll have those cute little toes in her mouth.

We have given up on the bassinet and graduated to the crib! See how cramped it was getting in there!

My fAvoRitE picture of the MoMenT:

She's also strong enough to sit up by herself in her jumper and saucer. She likes them both, but only for about 15 minutes at a time. She really likes talking to Jackson's horse.

Look how scared she is of Jackson! Notice Bethany from Real Housewives NY in the background, I love that show!

She's getting so big so fast! Today I'm cleaning out her drawers again... for the third time =(. I'm sad to put away the little outfits that she's outgrown. I'll make them all into a quilt one day.

Jackson is getting big too. I haven't had to clean his drawers out in a while, but I'm sure I will soon. He's starting to talk so much more, it's amazing how much these little ones learn so fast. His favorite new saying is "I shy".

Yesterday we took Jackson and Mia to their first movie. I know, what was I thinking, right? I've really been wanting to see Night At The Museum 2, and since Jacob and Stephanie were with us, I thougth it couldn't be that bad. We went to the late show too, so there wouldn't be as many people to annoy. Well, Mia made it about 20 minutes, when I got up to walk her {yes, she's spoiled and we "walk" her all the time}, Jackson came with me and took that as he was free to run wild! So Jacob ended up leaving early with the kids while Steph and I finished the movie- kid free.

Anyways, the movie was sO fuNNy! Go see iT!! {but don't take your 2 year old!}

I can't believe Jackson is going to be two in a month!


ivy said...

my gosh, adorable pic with both of their foots!! and look at little jacson's bod---whoo hoo!!

Tara Lynne said...

Mia is getting so big!!! She looks so cute in the crib with her lil' toesies:) The one with her feeties and Jacksons feeties is so cute. I also just cleaned out Brynn's drawers. I finally figured out how I am going to go about making my girl's little quilts... now I just have to come up with the ambition to get them started!!:)

lizzie said...

awwwwww i loves me the mia... she's so cute and looks just like her momma
and jackson is shy! hee's too cute though

Holly said...

GREAT POSTS!! i have been missing you lately and wondering what you have been up to! mia is getting sooo big and look at her hair! its so long already! :) i love the feet pictures and i love the real housewives too.. haha and soon as i seen the pic, i noticed bethanny in the background before i even read your caption... too funny!